President Kevin Rahe called the Executive Board meeting to order at 12:00 p.m. on February 9, 2008 in Fremont.


Members present were:

Kevin Rahe, Blue River REACT, President

Jeremy Smith, Grand Island REACT, 1st Vice President & District 3 Coordinator

John Nixon, Dodge County REACT, 2nd Vice President

Jenny Jacobson, Pawnee REACT, Secretary

Carrie Kasper, Pawnee REACT, Treasurer

Stewart Wach, Hamilton County REACT, Sgt at Arms

Brian Lofgren, Dodge County REACT, District 1 Coordinator

Julie Brendle, Blue River REACT, District 2 Coordinator

Don Forke, Blue River REACT, Council Historian

Rachael Hilderbrand and Blaz, Blue River REACT

D. Ray Brown, Blue River REACT

Judy Rowley, Heartland REACT

David Proctor, Civil Air Patrol

Minutes were handed out and read; correction of (hot) to (how)

Motion to accept the minutes Julie Brendle, Dist 2 Coordinator

2nd by John Nixon, 2nd VP All in favor


Treasurer Report:

Beginning Balance as of December 2007 $22.95

Deposit transfer from HHD $150.00

Check to Kevin Rahe for Cell Phone purchase $164.04

Service Charge $0.30

Ending Balance of Checking account $8.61

Savings Account Beginning Balance $75.56

Deposit/ transfer from HHD $532.25

Service Charge $5.00

Interest $1.17

Ending Balance $603.98


Husker Harvest Days Account $682.25

Transfer to Checking $150.00

Transfer to Savings $532.25

Ending Balance $0.00

*1 CD - $1000 plus interest

*A $500.00 CD was not purchased, money transferred to Savings; will be needed for upcoming Raffle prize.

Motion to accept the report and pay the bill for the phone Jenny Jacobson, Secretary

2nd by Brian Lofgren, Dist 1 Coordinator All in favor



Letter from UNL, survey on Husker Harvest Days event, Carrie Kasper will fill out and return.


Catalogs from Blackburn, Global and National Pens


Letter from the IRS, REACT needs to fill out form 990; it is for the 503c status not available yet on the Internet, Carrie will file when available.


Email from Red Cross they received a grant for them to receive radios


Email Legislature bill on Good Samaritan Law


Kevin showed the council a letter he sent to WE TV channel, asking for a copy of a program they aired; want to use parts of it for a public service announcement.


The Nebraska State Council web page is

The State Council e-mail address is

Nebraska REACT List run by Kevin Rahe, to subscribe send an E-mail to and you will be added to the list.


Dodge County Hospital Christmas party, Disaster training at Midland College and Awards banquet; will be doing traffic control tomorrow for a parade and security for band at Macho Joes. July 13&14 will be John C Fremont days and Thomas the Train will be here in July also.

Heartland quite winter, meet with new Douglas County Emergency Management Director, Paul Johnson; Information System Code Spear will automatic notify cell, email, home phone and pagers in the event of an emergency. Training class for weather.

Pawnee working on council items.



District One- Civil air patrol will work with REACT and we can help them. Civil Air Patrol is made up of Districts, Wings and Squadrons. Contact wing or local squadron if joint help is needed. Brian has the information on how to contact them.

Look for copy of MOU; State of NE Civil Air Patrol this region.

District Two- Blue River will need to use golf cart and letter sign for Homestead Days, getting ready for Spring weather and will be doing bingo and security for street dance during Homestead days.

District Three- Hamilton County did some projects with Grand Island; Grand Island will be having their craft shows in 2008, team had their annual Christmas party and discussed Sky Warn with new Hall County Emergency Management Director.

District Four- no teams or coordinator



Capabilities list still needed from teams. Google Spreadsheet is real time on the internet and Kevin is looking into putting the capabilities list on this site. VOAD would like to have a broad Capabilities list for REACT.


Lighted Sign New letters have arrived and look very nice. Also need to make or buy a trailer for the sign to be transported with.


Mobil Repeater has arrived; Council has approved the purchase of UHF adapters (2) and a duplexer. Kevin will be ordering the duplexer.


Fundraiser raffle drawing, state wide raffle, teams need to get local donations. The council does not require a license to hold the raffle; the grand prize will be a Navigation system. Kevin will print raffle ticket on his computer. The raffle should have at least 10 nice prizes along with the grand prize. Tickets will be $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00; drawing will be at Spring Conference in Lincoln and 500 tickets will be made up to sell.

Motion by Jenny Jacobson, Secretary to purchase a Tom Tom Navigational system for $200.

2nd by Carrie Kasper, Treasurer

Motion by Jenny Jacobson, Secretary to purchase 2 packages (400 each) for $21.00

2nd by Brain Lofgren, Dist 1 Coordinator


Lighted traffic cones price was wrong, Tractor Supply carries cones but they do not light up.


Guidelines for Council Events type up for Spring Conference


Spring Conference will be April 19 at USA Steak Buffet, in Lincoln from 9-5p.m. and the cost will be $15.00 per person and the Saline County Emergency Management Director will be giving a presentation, Communication round table.



Promotional Items notepads/hard cover with pen; Carrie brought a sample to show.

Motion to get notepads with logo for under $50.00 Jenny Jacobson, Secretary

2nd by Carrie Kasper, Treasurer All in favor


VOAD will have a table at State Fair; council dues for VOAD membership were paid.



Blue River will have a table set up to sell raffle tickets and show what REACT is about at the Saline County weather training.


Fall Conference will be October 11, 2008; want to have it out by or in Grand Island. Rachael will check with the Lincoln Manor restaurant in Central City. Carrie will check about having it in Columbus at Sapp Brothers or Stack n Steak restaurant.


August campout will be August 23 at Branched Oak, South Shore campground.


Next meeting will be at the Spring Conference in Lincoln.


The meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.


REACTively submitted,


Jenny Jacobson, Secretary