Fall Conference – 2008


President Kevin Rahe called the Fall Conference to order at 9:35 a.m. on October 18, 2008 in Grand Island at Valentino’s.


Members present were:

            Kevin Rahe, Blue River REACT, President

                Jeremy Smith, Grand Island REACT, 1st Vice President, Delegate

                Jenny Jacobson, Pawnee REACT, Secretary

                Carrie Kasper, Pawnee REACT, Treasurer, Delegate

                Stewart Wach, Hamilton County REACT, Sgt at Arms, Delegate

Julie Brendle, Blue River REACT, District 2 Coordinator, Delegate

                D. Ray Brown, Blue River REACT

                Phil Ward, Pawnee REACT


Minutes were handed out and read.  Two corrections made on spelling of names.

            Motion to accept the minutes Jeremy Smith, Grand Island REACT

            2nd by Carrie Kasper, Pawnee REACT                         All in favor

Treasurer Report:                                            

            Beginning Balance - Spring Conference                                                                                          $11.29

                                Check to USA Steak Buffet – Spring Conference                                      $156.97

                                Check to Carrie for camping reservations (Branched Oak – August 08)    $150.96

                                                Deposit Spring Conference                                                                       $165.00

                                                Deposit from Raffle sales                                                                         $186.00

                                Service Charge                                                                                         $0.20

Deposit – camp reservation Witherwax ($0.78 donation)(June)                               $35.00

                                                Deposit – camp reservation Jenny (June)                                                 $34.22

Deposit transfer from Savings                                                                  $600.00

                                Check to Jenny Jacobson for Web Site fee for council site                                       $12.95    

Check to Carrie for TDC expenses                                                           $130.96

                                Check to Kevin raffle prize purchase                                                       $181.89

                                Check to Kevin for Duplexer for council repeater                                    $389.50

                                                Deposit – camp reservation Kasper (Aug 08)                                                           $37.74

Deposit transfer from Savings                                                                  $75.00

                                Check to Jenny Jacobson for paying June 09 camping reservation                           $113.22

                                                                (took out for Aug 08 and June 09 camping fees)

Service Change                                                                                         $0.30

                                Service Change                                                                                         $0.20

                                                Deposit – camp reservation Julie (Aug 08)                                                               $37.74

                                                Deposit – camp reservation Witherwax (Aug 08)                                     $37.75

                                                Deposit from Dodge County for NEBRASKA patches                                              $48.00

Ending Balance of Checking account                                                                                                                               $130.59


Savings Account Beginning Balance                                                                                                               $503.98

                                                Interest                                                                                                    $0.44

                                                Interest                                                                                                    $1.17

                                                Deposit – donation from NE trucking                                                      $500.00

Transfer to Checking                                                                                               $600.00

Transfer to Checking                                                                                               $75.00

                Interest                                                                                                    $0.96

                Interest                                                                                                    $0.52

Ending Balance                                                                                                                                                                    $332.07


                                                *$1076.99 balance on CD              

Motion to accept the Treasurer report - Jeremy Smith, Grand Island REACT

            2nd by Julie Brendle, Blue River REACT                                   All in favor


Bills - Carrie Kasper bill for Trailer plates for golf cart trailer $11.00 and $150.96 for Aug 2009 camping registration.

                                Motion to pay the bill – Julie Brendle, Blue River REACT

                                2nd by Jeremy Smith, Grand Island REACT                                   All in favor


*Reservations for 2009 camping trips need to be paid- currently $329.92 in Accounts Receivable for Council.



National Pen catalog – Motion to order 250 pads to hand out at events- Julie Brendle, Blue River REACT

                                                2nd by Jeremy Smith, Grand Island REACT

Naeir – special report – school, churches and non-profit organizations; company to join to get free stuff but must give out to other organizations.


REACT International Electronic newsletter – make sure RI has correct email and website information

FRS Radio Safety Campaign – email from REACT International on how to promote radios to public.


Nebraska State Council of REACT Teams cell phone # (308) 379-7570

The Nebraska State Council web page is

The State Council e-mail address is

Nebraska REACT List run by Kevin Rahe, to subscribe send an E-mail to and you will be added to the list.


DISTRICT REPORTS includes Team reports

District One- Dodge County has 2 new members from Wahoo, they may start of team in Wahoo if they can find more members, and team did Weather Training.  Heartland could not attend Fall Conference, not team information.  Pawnee attend 2 campouts, all council meetings and helped at TDC.

District Two- Blue River waiting for background checks on new members, did annual homestead day’s bingo and security for dance.

District Three- Grand Island unofficially dropping craft show, 3 new members; working with Hams on joint projects (maybe state fair when it comes to Grand Island).  Hamilton still trying to find new members.

District Four- no teams or coordinator


Break – Phil Ward gave presentation on his trip to Texas with the Red Cross to help with disaster relief after the Texas Hurricane.





Capabilities list still needed from teams.  Google Spreadsheet is real time on the internet and Kevin is looking into putting the capabilities list on this site.  April’s husband Chuck will work on creating a database of capabilities for Council.


Banner-no change, letters still need to be done.


Website –is done, we now have a (.com) address for the council website.  Jenny will look into also getting (.org) address.


Lighted Sign – an axial to make the trailer has been donated, trailer bed floor made from expanded metal will be 5 X 10. 


VOAD –Kevin will find out if there will be a booth at the State Fair, and what help will be needed.  VOAD has been telephone conferences every other meeting to cut down on travel costs; talked about Good Samaritan law.


Raffle – Teams must donate prizes and have list for Feb meeting so raffle tickets can be made up and start selling at Weather Symposium and have the drawing at August campout. 


Council will look at issuing ID’s for members with a colored background and also at getting Vest with the REACT logo, so all members can look more the same when at events and helping each other.

                Vest from Production Creek – orange vest $8 and refection vest $11 or $12, Kevin will get other quotes.




REACT International sent out letter to members informing them of the headquarters being moved.  Check out website-members only section for more information.  Send e-mails to board members with your opinions.  Discussion on the state of REACT International and on REACT in Nebraska, and what the future holds for both.  RI website now has Members Only section and a Blog.

CBS videos – safety videos for public


FRS – Kevin formatted a Press release of FRS radios for sale.

            Motion for council to purchase these radios to have on hand to demonstrate/have order forms printed out – Carrie Kasper, Pawnee REACT

            2nd by Julie Brendle, Blue River REACT                                   3 in favor/ 1 abstained


Weather Symposium – look into getting room or space for FRS radio demonstration.


Golf cart batteries – Grand Island brought in a quote for $80.00 each, members need to see if they can find batteries cheaper.


Go Kits – Grand Island REACT looking into doing this with Hams.



Stewart Wach, Hamilton County REACT showed his pair of XRS radios for $100.00 a pair, these radios have private channels, information was also shared on REACT-L.


Truck Driving Championships will be on June 11-14, 2009 in Grand Island and members will be needed to help at this council event.


Blue Rives Homestead Days events will be on June 18-21, 2009


Campouts/ Executive Board meetings will be in Fremont on June 27 and at Branched Oak on August 15, 2009.


Teams need to get council frequency in their radios, so it is easier to communicate when helping at council events.


Next Executive Board meeting will be on December 6 via electronic form.  Members need to download free program and register with; will need microphone and speakers.

            Motion was made to have December executive board meetings be electronic when at all possible- Julie Brendle, Blue River

            2nd by Jeremy Smith, Grand Island                                            All in favor


Council Trac phone needs to be renewed by the end of the year; will get price quotes for Dec meeting.


February executive meeting will be on Feb 7 with a snow date of Feb 14.  Teams look for places to hold meeting for free, meeting will be from 11 a.m. to about 4 p.m.; look in York, Seward or Lincoln.


The meeting adjourned at 2:42 p.m.



REACTively submitted,


Jenny Jacobson